Welcome to FIYAHCON 2021


FIYAHCON 2021 is on Airmeet

Airmeet is a virtual event platform that feels less like you’re in a mandatory-fun-at-the-day-job-but-in-your-living-room situation and more like a regular-fun-but-in-your-living-room situation. All elements of the event are in one place, so no need to juggle 50 Zoom links or toggle between web pages, chat servers, and inboxes. It’s kind of neat.

FIYAHCON 2021 Home Screen on Airmeet: "FIYAHCON 2021 Start time September 16 7:00PM EDT - September 19 11:00PM EDT. Event is paused. Add To Calendar or Copy Link"
You can now preview the schedule at the link for this image.


How It Works

Attendees will receive their invitations to the Airmeet platform the week before the event. At that time you will be able to complete your personal profile and badge information, and add programming items to your individual itinerary.

When the event commences, you’ll enter through the screen above, found at this link. You’ll be prompted to do tech checks for your camera and microphone, and then it’ll drop you into our delightful lobby designed by FIYAHCON poster artist Cyan Daly. The lobby screen will also include a small, 2-minute video from the folks at Airmeet that gives you a primer on how to navigate the platform. This is optional to view as the interface is pretty straightforward.

From the lobby you can navigate to a number of areas of the event: Schedule, Lounge, and Booths. The Schedule screen is where you’ll find all of our standard programming from panels to ceremonies and Calm Rooms (the Jellies are back!), and join them at the click of a button.  The Lounge is Airmeet’s version of “breakout rooms”. This is a series of virtual tables where you and anywhere between 3 and 49 of your other friends can sit and chat via text and sound/video just as you would in a Zoom-like setting. The Booths are where you can find artists, exhibitors, publishers, and more. Interact with them at their booths, download their downloadables, chat with them at their own tables, view their broadcasts… if there’s a virtual thing to do, you can do it here.

If you are a Weekend ticket holder, you will have access to all programming throughout the weekend, BonFIYAH included. That’s Friday 8am EST (GMT-4) through Sunday 10pm EST. If you are a BonFIYAH-only ticketholder, your access falls between the hours of 8pm EST and 8am EST.



Captions are provided in-platform and can be toggled on or off by users as desired. They are AI-generated, so we do expect some errors. But all programming is automatically recorded, and we will be able to provide corrected transcripts after the event when the items enter our Archive. For any other accessibility requests during the event, you can flag down a moderator or email us at

Participation in breakout sessions hosted in the Lounge area can be done by video or by text-based chat. A series of Calm Rooms will also be arranged and made available for people in need of low-sensory social environments. FIYAHCON 2021’s Calm Rooms are sponsored by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and include their Kelp Forest and Moon Jelly cams. Just look for them in the event Schedule on Airmeet.


Captions in Airmeet

Thank you to Norwescon for compiling these alternatives.


In Sessions

Airmeet has built-in support for closed captioning in sessions. To turn it on:

  • Join a session;
  • Click the CC button at the bottom of the screen; and
  • Sit back and read!

Known issues with Airmeet-provided captions:

  • Airmeet does not support captions anywhere except within Sessions;
  • Captions may be time-delayed for speakers with low bandwidth connections; and
  • When a viewer has captions turned on, their screen will no longer display multiple people—they can only see the window of the current speaker.

In the Lounge

If you need closed captioning in the Lounge, or if you are having difficulties with how captions display in Sessions, the Google Chrome web browser supports live captioning as of March 2021. Instructions on how to enable it may be found here: Google Chrome for Desktop Gains Live Captions Feature for Audio and Video

Alternative Captioning Resources (3rd party)

Known Issues with Google Chrome Desktop Live Captions Feature for Audio and Video

  • These caption settings are only supported on the Google Chrome desktop application, version 89 or later
  • Captions do not appear to be supported in the Chrome mobile app
  • After enabling the Live Caption feature in your browser settings, you must quit and relaunch Chrome for them to display
  • If you close the captioning window, you must reload the webpage for them to reappear
  • For further assistance with this feature, see Google Chrome Help

Adding Captions to Your Own Video Feed

You can use third-party video editing software to inject captions into your own video feed. We have had reports that using a combination of Web Captioner (free!) and Open Broadcaster Software (also free!) is one of the more user-friendly(ish) ways to do this.

If you want to try this, here’s how. (Please note: This info is provided for informational purposes only. FIYAHCON does not endorse either company, and does not officially support this solution, so if you have technical issues, we must refer you back to the help resources of Web Captioner or OBS.)


Before logging into Airmeet:

  • Download and install OBS. We recommend optimizing it for virtual camera.
  • Navigate to Web Captioner in your web browser and click Start Captioning. (For greater accessibility, we recommend adjusting your settings to use the OpenDyslexic font.)
  • Launch OBS.
  • Click Studio Mode (lower right) to display Preview and Program windows.
  • Go to the Scenes window (lower left) and click the + to create a new scene.
  • In the Sources window (lower, second from left), click the + to add sources.
  • Add a Video Capture Device (your camera).
  • Add a Window Capture (your web browser’s Web Captioner window).
  • Adjust your windows.
  • The Preview frame (upper left) allows you to move and resize your sources
  • The Program window (upper right) lets you verify how your output will appear
  • Use the slider bar in the Transitions window (upper middle) to display any updates to the Preview.
  • Click the Start Virtual Camera button (lower right) to start sending OBS output to your camera.
  • Now, when you launch Airmeet, you should be able to select OBS Virtual Camera as one of your options.
  • OBS and Web Captioner Tips & Tricks:
  • If you are asked to allow OBS to use your camera, allow it.
  • You may need to restart OBS and your web browser after changing some settings.
  • If Airmeet cuts off part of your window, you can use the Preview window in OBS to rearrange your camera and captions at any time. Just use the Transition slider to update your appearance.
  • You may wish to launch Web Captioner in a new web browser window with no other tabs—your captions will disappear if you minimize its window or click to another tab.
  • More info on OBS features can be found on the OBS Wiki.
  • Help for Web Captioner can be found on the Web Captioner help page

If you are presenting programming at FIYAHCON, please be aware that, by considering the following, you may make it easier for others to enjoy your presentation:

  • Make sure that your lips are visible to attendees, some of whom may read lips.
  • Use high-color contrast in projected presentations. It makes your text easier to read.
  • Consider captioning any audio and describing your images aloud.
  • Warn audiences before flashing or strobe effects, and before sensitive content, in your presentations.


Community Policies

Our Community Policy remains the same. We tolerate no harassment or bigotry, and Airmeet makes it very easy for us to remove bad actors from the space. Moderators will be on duty all weekend to assist with questions and concerns.

Tech Stuff

Airmeet is best experienced on a Chrome browser (version 79 or higher), laptop, or a desktop. 
Download the latest version at

Supported browsers;
  • Chrome version >= 79 (Recommended)
  • MS Edge all versions
  • Firefox (version >= 76)
  • Brave Browser
  • Safari (with limited access & known compatibility issue)

Not Supported browser/version by Airmeet are :

  • Chrome (version < 79)
  • Firefox (version <= 76)
  • IE
  • Opera

Airmeet’s mobile app is newly implemented, and you will be able to engage with Sessions and interact in the Lounge from your mobile device. You will not be able to access Booths.

Download the mobile app for Android and iOS devices.


Workshops and Office Hours

Because these special features are for smaller, specialized meetings, we are bringing back Whereby. If you have an Office Hours appointment or purchase a Workshop registration, these will be the only features you must leave Airmeet in order to attend. You will receive separate communications from those coordinators on how to access your meetings.

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