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Yasser Bahjatt

Yasser Bahjatt

Yasser is a technologist, futurist, serial entrepreneur, author, computer engineer and consultant. He is the co-founder of Yatakahayloon (they are imagining), a company focused on cultivating SciFi across Arabia and raising it to the level where it can be globally competitive. His novel "Yaqteenya: the old world" is the first Arabian alternative history, and he co-authored the English edition of HWJN, Somewhere and Binyameen that had been written in Arabic by his partner Ibraheem Abbas. He is currently working on the movie adaptation of HWJN and is chair of the the bid to host Worldcon in Jeddah in 2026.



Check out HWJN (movie) & Yaqteenya: the new world (novel)