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SL Huang

SL Huang is a Hugo-nominated and Amazon-bestselling author who justifies her MIT degree by using it to write eccentric mathematical superhero fiction. She is the author of the Cas Russell series from Tor Books, starting with Zero Sum Game, and the upcoming fantasy Burning Roses. Her short fiction has sold to Analog, F&SF, Strange Horizons, Nature, and more, including numerous best-of anthologies. She is also a Hollywood stuntwoman and firearms expert, where she’s appeared on shows such as “Battlestar Galactica” and “Raising Hope” and worked with actors such as Sean Patrick Flanery, Jason Momoa, and Danny Glover. Follow her online at www.slhuang.com or @sl_huang.


Zero Sum Game: Science fiction thriller — page-turning action with a diverse cast and math that kills people.

Burning Roses: Red Riding Hood and Houyi the archer as queer middle-aged women going on adventures and shooting at things.

As the Last I May Know (short story): Hugo-nominated, intense story about weapons of mass destruction.

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