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Shiv Ramdas

Shiv Ramdas

Shiv Ramdas is an Indian writer of Tamil and Sikh heritage. His short speculative fiction has been nominated for the Hugo and Nebula awards and has appeared in publications such as Strange Horizons, Fireside Fiction, Podcastle and others. He has spent several years hosting radio shows and writing advertisements, plays, a nationally syndicated radio comedy series ,India's first cyberpunk novel, and numerous resignation letters. He also holds the record for the most goals ever conceded in a school hockey match in his home state, a performance that has ensured that his school is still relegated 20 years later. He currently lives and works in Seattle, USA. Attempts to find employment as a goalkeeper in the region have so far proven unsuccessful. You can find him tweeting @nameshiv

D&D Alignment

Chaotic Good

Bender Class

Fire Bender


FMK: Fictional Character Edition

M: Tenar
K: James Holden
F: Storm


Favorite Book Quote

“All we ever see of stars are their old photographs.”