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Njeri @ ONYX Pages

Njeri is an innovative collaborator who reads, reviews and collects works of Black Science Fiction and Fantasy. She's not a fan of writing bios, but she loves connecting with new people. Find her on her YouTube channel, ONYX Pages, and say ""Hi""!


1. I created and co-lead the Octavia E. Butler ReadAlong! Co-leads are Tatiana from Musical Tati (YT) and Isis from SistahSciFi
More details here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhG4mSQFSGY

2. I created and co-lead SOULarPowered Afrofuturism Slow-Reading Group (FB). Co-leads are Chloe from Thistle and Verse (YT) and Isis from SistahSciFi. We have monthly reading events throughout the year.

3. I am a host of the BlackSFF Readathon (October 2020), created by Chloe at Thistle and Verse (To Be Announced Shortly! Until then… shhhhh!)



Favorite Book Quote

Too many to mention! But, I am a sucker for haikus.