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About The Speaker

Charles Payseur

Charles Payseur is an avid reader, writer, and reviewer of all things speculative. His fiction and poetry have appeared in The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy, Strange Horizons, Lightspeed Magazine, and many more. He runs Quick Sip Reviews, has been a Hugo finalist fan writer, and can be found drunkenly reviewing Goosebumps on his Patreon. When not hunting Hodags across the wilds of Wisconsin, you can find him gushing about short fiction (and his cats) on Twitter as @ClowderofTwo.


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D&D Alignment

Chaotic Good


Bender Class



FMK: Fictional Character Edition

M: Bashir, K: O’Brien, F: Garak
M: Ang, K: Zuko, F: Sokka


Favorite Book Quote

“Especially the lies” – Garak (not a book but still)