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What accessibility measures are being implemented by the convention?

FIYAHCON values our disabled community members, and to that effect, we are implementing a number of measures to ensure our content is as accessible as possible to all who wish to take part in it. For more on our accessibility policies, check our Community Policy page.

Ack! 503 Error! Help! I’m locked out of the website!

Did you try and fail to log-in a bunch of times in a row? After 5 attempts, our site security will lock you out for 30 minutes before you’re able to try again. Make sure you’re not trying to use your credentials for your regular FIYAH Magazine account. FIYAHCON runs on a separate database, so this site will have no record of the username, email, and password you use over there until you set it up.

September 16th is during Yom Kippur. Am I going to miss anything?

FIYAHCON 2021 opens the proverbial gates at 7pm ET on Thursday, September 16th to address any technical needs or access issues for our attendees. Apart from the 30 minute opening, there is no programming slated for Thursday. Formal FIYAHCON programming does not start until 8am Friday morning. As with any other event or any other scheduling conflict, be it holiday, church service, birthday, or protest exercise, we encourage guests to attend whatever content fits into their lives. The Archives and social spaces will be here for anything you miss.

Will recordings of FIYAHCON content be made available for people who are unable to attend?

The specific content that will be made available in the Archives will depend on the release permissions granted to us by participants on each programming item. Approved archive content will be uploaded to this website the week after the convention and is restricted only to paid/comped ticketholders from this year’s event. (Fringe/BonFIYAH-only attendees do not have Archive access). You will have to Log In to access them.

How do I access the Archives?

The FIYAHCON Archives are sorted by convention year and access is granted to paying attendees and comped participants (panelists, guests of honor, staff) for a period of one year from the relevant convention. So if you were a paid attendee (or election donor) of the 2020 convention, you have access to the 2020 Archive From October 19, 2020-October 18, 2021.

If I buy a ticket but have signed up to volunteer or be on programming, will I get a refund?

Volunteers and people “working” the event by providing its content are not charged admission. If you are selected for programming or to be on a volunteer team, your ticket will be refunded if you purchased one. Refund requests forms will be emailed to you after September 1st when registration closes.

Something has happened and I would like to transfer my ticket to someone else. How do I do that?

Your ticket is not transferrable. It creates a headache for administrative staff. We like our staff. Should you end up being unable to attend the convention, you may:

A: keep your ticket to retain access to the archives.

B: seek a refund (before September 16th). What you do with that money once you get it back (pocket it, donate to the Ticket Fund, grab lunch, purchase a dragon, etc.) is entirely up to you.

I am not BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and/or a Person of Color). Can I be on programming?

Absolutely. Our programming is open to BIPOC + their allies. But whereas racially/ethnically marginalized people have endured being the token on decades of genre convention programming, they are the intended majority at FIYAHCON. Anyone outside of the BIPOC umbrella who wishes to take part in programming should be comfortable with the role reversal.

How do I report harassment/violations of FIYAHCON Community Policy?

We take claims of harassment, intimidation, and other behaviors which infringe on the safety of FIYAHCON staff and attendees seriously. If you have experienced or been witness to any of the behaviors as outlined in our Community Policy, email community[at] and our grievance team will see it addressed.

How do I donate tickets, anonymously and otherwise?

Great question, love where your head’s at. If you have the recipient’s email address, you can send them a gift registration. If you’d rather contribute anonymously, you can donate to a general ticket fund and we will distribute them for you as long as space is available.

I applied for volunteering/programming. When should I hear back?

Programming and staffing enter their finalization phase in September. If you have not received an email regarding the status of your application by August 1st, email team[at]


Updated 8/26/21

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