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Escape Artists

Escape Artists LogoOur Mission: One Story, Told Well

That’s what we do, what sets us apart.

Great stories, talented narrators, hosts who know their genres inside out. Enthusiasm, intelligence, compassion and the sheer love of story, all condensed into a commute-sized audio file.

Our shows have served as inspiration for dozens of podcasts and digital or audio magazines. That characteristic format — one amazing story, paired with a fantastic narration and insightful commentary — remains our cornerstone.

We publish over 200 stories every year, each and every one available for free in digital print and audio.

We’re genre fiction’s best kept secret. Are you in?


Escape Artists is a return sponsor of FIYAHCON. Their network of SFF podcasts includes: Escape Pod, PodCastle, PseudoPod, and Cast of Wonders. Check out more of their work on their website.

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