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Yasmin S. Portales-Machado

B.A. in Theater Critic from the Cuban University of Arts (2007), M.A. in Spanish from the University of Oregon (2018). Currently working in her PhD dissertation at Northwestern University. Her research examines the ways in which science fiction depicts politics, sexualities and families in the Spanish Caribbean Literature, with special focus in Cuba. In her podcast “Otras voces del Caribe” chats with fiction and essay writers about the meaning of doing books and what is to love such unusual region. She has published essays in the edited volumes Women Past and Present: Biographic and Multidisciplinary Studies (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014), La isla y las estrellas. El ensayo y la crítica de ciencia ficción en Cuba (Editorial Cubaliteraria, 2015), Anatomía de una isla. Jóvenes ensayistas Cubanos (Ediciones La Luz, Cuba, 2015) and Isla Diseminada. Ensayos sobre Cuba (Editorial Hypermedia, 2021). Her fiction work had appeared in Deuda temporal (Col. SurEditores, Cuba, 2015), Sombras nada más. 36 escritoras cubanas contra la violencia hacia la mujer (Ediciones UNION, Cuba, 2015), Órbita Juracán (Voces de Hoy, Miami, 2016) and Navegar Chicago (Editora Nós, 2021).


Check out Yasmin’s work with New Books Network. Find Yasmin on her website, or on Twitter at @nimlothdecuba.




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