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WC Dunlap

WC Dunlap draws her inspiration from the complexities of a Black Baptist middle class upbringing by southern parents in northern New Jersey, and all that entails for a brown skin girl growing up in America. Equally enthralled by the divine and the demonic with a professional background in data & tech, she seeks to bend genres with a unique lens on fantasy, fear, and the future.

WC Dunlap’s writing career spans across speculative fiction, journalism, spoken word, and cultural critique – previously under the byline Wendi Dunlap. She has worked as a freelance journalist for the world-renowned Amsterdam News and wrote op-eds on race and diversity for The Bergen County Record. You can find her most recent work in FIYAHLightspeed, Podcastle and the anthology Whether Change: The Revolution Will Be Weird. Carnivàle is her first long-form fiction published serially via the Broken Eye Books Patreon, Eyedolon.

WC Dunlap holds a BA in Film and Africana Studies from Cornell University. She is the proud mother of a young adult son and two British Shorthair familiars. She is currently completing her first full-length novel, a macabre horror thriller about lycans, the nature of evil, and the end of the world. Follow WC Dunlap on twitter @wcdunlap_tales.

Carnivàle is WC Dunlap’s first long-form fiction published serially via the Broken Eye Books Patreon, Eyedolon. Chapter One is available for free here.

Find WC on her website, and on Twitter at @wcdunlap_tales.


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