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Vita Ayala

Vita Ayala

Vita Ayala (they.them.theirs) is a queer Afro-Puerto Rican writer born and bred in New York City, where they grew up dreaming dreams of dancing on far away worlds, fighting monsters on the block, and racing the fish along the bottom of the ocean. Their work includes THE WILDS (Black Mask Studios), SUBMERGED (Vault), QUARTER KILLER (Comixology), SUPERGIRL (DC), XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (Dynamite), NEW MUTANTS (Marvel), and LIVEWIRE (Valiant), among others.


The Chosen One
Day 3 - 17:50, Track A
Guest of Honor: Vita Ayala
Day 1 - 17:50, Track A, Track B
The Magic of Mess
Day 1 - 13:40, Track A
A License to Write
Day 1 - 12:30, Track A

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