Welcome to FIYAHCON 2021

Vida Cruz

Vida Cruz is a Filipina fantasy and science fiction writer, editor, artist, tarot reader, and conrunner. Her short fiction and essays have been published or are forthcoming from Fantasy Magazine, Strange Horizons, PodCastle, Expanded Horizons, and various anthologies. She has been nominated, longlisted, and recommended for the Hugo Award, the British Science Fiction Award, and the James Tiptree Jr. (now Otherwise) Award. She was a 2018 Tiptree Fellow and in 2019, she published her first fantasy short story collection, Beyond the Line of Trees. Currently, she’s a freelance book editor with The Darling Axe and is co-director of FiyahCon Fringe BonFiyah under the larger umbrella of FIYAHCON, a BIPOC-centered convention for science fiction and fantasy readers and writers.


Check out Vida’s work – her illustrated fantasy short story collection on Gumroad, and her Patreon. Vida is also co-teaching Tarot for Writers with Iori Kusano in October at Clarion West. Find Vida on her website, and on Twitter at @laviecestmoi and on Instagram at @vidadrawsthings.

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