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Tara Warren

Tara J. Warren, known to some as TJ, has always had a love for Film and Television. She credits her endless learning of the art, focus, and fearless character to all the actors/actresses that paved the way before her. This humble actress will not be denied, and she will continue to study her craft while awaiting her big opportunity. Tara J. Warren has a few good featured roles under her belt such on television shows including The Craving, Aembras, Evidence of Innocence, Fatal Attraction and Lovecraft Country, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. An Honorable Veteran of the United States Army, and Graduate of Bowling Green State University in Radio/Television/Film, Tara J. Warren hopes to capture Directors’ attention on a national and International level. Tara plays Nurse Randa in Fevered Dreams.


Look for Tara in upcoming roles on several fantasy and science fiction television shows. Find Tara on her IMDB page, or on Instagram at @thatstarawarren.


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