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Sloane Leong

Sloane Leong is a cartoonist, artist, and writer of Hawaiian, Chinese, Mexican, Native American, and European ancestries. She’s written and drawn two acclaimed graphic novels, Prism Stalker and A Map to the Sun, and has short fiction credits with Fireside Magazine, Dark Matter Magazine, and Entropy Magazine. She is currently living near Portland, Oregon.


Check out Sloane’s latest work below, and find Sloane online at her website and on Twitter at @sloanesloane.

DEATH IN THE MOUTH is a horror anthology showcasing BIPOC and other ethnically marginalized writers and artists from around the world.

GRAVENEYE is a horror graphic novel by Sloane Leong and Anna Bow. “Ilsa lives alone in a large mansion deep in the woods. Ilsa has always lived here, though not always alone. Ilsa has a hunger, she likes to hunt, she likes to skin, and carve, and clean. Now Ilsa has hired the young Marie to help her keep the big house tidy. But Marie brings demons of her own into Ilsa’s domain. And watching these two strange birds locked in a cage is the house itself, cursed with sentience, destined to watch the horror of the human drama unfold again and again.”


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