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Shealea is a Filipino blogger who is loudly passionate about diverse books and media representation. With a degree in Communication Research under her belt, she currently works in the media and advertising industry. Her online rambles are sometimes on her blog (Shut up, Shealea) but are mostly available in 280-character increments on Twitter (@shutupshealea).


Find Shealea on her website, on Twitter and on Instagram at @shutupshealea

Check out Shealea’s work:

Caffeine Book Tours
– Caffeine Book Tours (CBT) is an online tour company that strives to create inclusive book tours, focusing on diverse books written by authors from marginalized communities and for readers from marginalized communities. It aims to serve as a connecting bridge between authors, whose works need to find the right audiences, and readers, who hope to find themselves represented in the stories that they consume.

Twitter: @caffeinetours
Instagram: @caffeinetours

Asian Bookish Creators Directory
– Asian Bookish Creators is a directory created to give Asian creators of bookish content (be it on blogs, Instagram, or YouTube) the visibility and recognition that they deserve, as well as to help connect them to opportunities (e.g. authors/publishers in search of #ownvoices book reviewers).



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