Welcome to FIYAHCON 2021

Selena Middleton

Selena Middleton is a biracial Canadian publisher, editor, writer, educator, and a PhD in English literature. Under the name Eileen Gunnell Lee, she has stories published in Nightmare Magazine, Reckoning, Escape Pod, and others. She publishes academic research on speculative fiction and ecocriticism and is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief at Stelliform Press, a new small press for long-form speculative climate stories. She can be found on Twitter @eileenglee. Stelliform Press is on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @StelliformPress and on the web at


Stelliform Press just opened for submissions on September 1st, so if you have sf, fantasy, or horror novellas, novels, or collections focused on climate change please consider submitting. Novellas are a more likely fit with our current publishing commitments but we’re always ready to be blown away by amazing character-driven fiction at any length. Check out Stelliform Press’ books from 2020 and 2021 here.

Find Selena on Twitter at @eileenglee. Find Stelliform Press on their website, or on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at @StelliformPress.


Cli-Fi: Turn the Heat Down!
Day 3 - 17:50, Track B

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