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Samit Basu

Samit Basu is an Indian SFF novelist. His most recent book, Chosen Spirits, a near-future anti-dystopian Delhi novel, was shortlisted for the JCB Prize, India’s biggest lit award, and is to be published next year by Tordotcom as The City Inside. He’s also known in India for the bestselling Gameworld trilogy of fantasy novels (Penguin) and the Turbulence duology of superhero novels (also published in the US/UK by Titan Books). Samit is also the co-writer/director of a Netflix film, a comics writer, columnist, short story writer and children’s writer.

Samit has a two-novel deal with Tordotcom; the first, The City Inside, is out next year. Find Samit at his website, and on Twitter and Instagram at @samitbasu.


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