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Premee Mohamed

Premee Mohamed is an Indo-Caribbean scientist and speculative fiction author based in Edmonton, Alberta. She is the author of novels ‘Beneath the Rising’ (Crawford Award, Aurora Award, British Fantasy Award, and Locus Award finalist) and ‘A Broken Darkness,’ and novellas ‘These Lifeless Things,’ ‘And What Can We Offer You Tonight,’ and ‘The Annual Migration of Clouds.’ Her next novel, ‘The Void Ascendant,’ is the final book in the Beneath the Rising trilogy and is due out in March 2022. Her short fiction has appeared in many venues and she can be found on Twitter at @premeesaurus and on her website at


Check out Premee’s next book, a post-apocalyptic cli-fi novella called THE ANNUAL MIGRATION OF CLOUDS, from ECW Press this September, as well as her next novel coming out, THE VOID ASCENDANT, the third book in the BENEATH THE RISING trilogy, which can be pre-ordered from Rebellion here!

Find Premee on her website, and on Twitter and Instagram at @premeesaurus.


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