Welcome to FIYAHCON 2021

Njeri @ ONYX Pages


Njeri (she.her) is an innovative collaborator who collects, reads, and reviews works of Black Science Fiction and Fantasy with a particular interest in Afrofuturism, Africanfuturism and Africanjujuism by queer writers. She explores these passions on her YouTube channel, ONYX Pages, and is an active member of several Booktube communities.

In 2015, she founded SOULar Powered Afrofuturism Slow-Reading Group, which she co-leads with fellow Booktuber Chloe (@Thistle and Verse) and comrade Isis, founder of the online bookstore Sistah Sci Fi. In 2020, Njeri founded the Octavia E. Butler Slow Read-Along, in which she and two co-hosts (Tatiana from @Musical Tati and Isis from @Sistah Sci Fi) have begun to #ReadOctaviaSlowly with over 1000 readers worldwide.

Njeri identifies as a Black, African-descended, queer/omnisexual woman of Trinidadian heritage. She has recently learned of her ancestral roots in Liberia and Gabon and is excited to explore this history. She lives in Toronto with her wife Tomee, who supports her bookish habits and makes regular cameos in her YouTube videos.

Njeri is humbled by, and thanks FIYAHCON for this incredible honour.


Join a global community of people who are slowly and luxuriously reading the published works of Octavia E. Butler in near-chronological order.

Want to nerd out about Black Science Fiction in a space that centres queer identities? Check out SOULar Powered Afrofuturism Slow-Reading Group.

Njeri is proud to be a co-host of the BlackSFFathon, an online readathon of Black science fiction, fantasy, and horror created by Chloe @Thistle and Verse taking place in fall 2021. Subscribe to receive details!


Law in SFF, and Why It Matters
Day 3 - 15:30, Track A
Guest of Honor: Njeri
Day 1 - 19:00, Track A, Track B

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