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Nibedita Sen

Nibedita Sen is a Hugo, Nebula, and Ignyte Award-nominated queer Bengali writer from Calcutta, and a graduate of Clarion West 2015 whose work has appeared or is forthcoming in Uncanny, Podcastle, Nightmare and Fireside. She accumulated a number of English degrees in India before deciding she wanted another in creative writing, and that she was going to move halfway across the world for it.

These days, she can be found working as an editor while consuming large amounts of coffee and videogames. She lives in NYC with her boo and their sweet, flatulent old cat, enjoys the company of puns and potatoes, and is nearly always hungry. Hit her up on Twitter at @her_nibsen, where she can usually be found yelling about food, anime, and what she’s currently reading.


Find Nibedita on her website, or on Twitter at @her_nibsen.


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