Welcome to FIYAHCON 2021

LaDarrion Williams

LaDarrion Williams is Alabama-bred but now LA-made playwright, filmmaker, and author who often writes about the generational journey of Blackness throughout the years. He is a Eugene O’Neill Semi-Finalist, Sundance Episodic and Theatre second-rounder, and now a resident playwright at the Echo Theatre Company in Los Angeles, California. His award-winning short film, Blood at the Root, has garnered social media praise and is now available on Amazon Prime and an official Scriptpipeline TV Writing Finalist out of 13,000 scripts. His award-winning stageplay Katrina was performed in Hollywood, CA in 2017, and is now an award-winning short film. In 2019, LaDarrion Williams was invited to the Sundance Institute Playwriting Intensive to develop his play, COCO QUEENS. LaDarrion’s goal is to cultivate a new era of Black fantasy-providing space and agency of Black characters and stories in a new, fresh, and fantastical way.


Check out LaDarrion’s work: BLOOD AT THE ROOT (Short Film); CONCRETE ROSE (Short Film) and stay tuned for his new short film, Unless It’s With You, a short film on Black Love. Find LaDarrion on Twitter and Instagram at @ItsLaDarrion.



[Re]writing for the Screen
Day 3 - 15:30, Track B

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