Welcome to FIYAHCON 2021

Kat Overland

Kat Overland is the small press editor at WWAC (Women Write About Comics), a two-time Eisner winning comics and pop culture site. That’s where you can find her criticism, reviews, and tweets; she also has bylines at Shelfdust, Daily Beast, Comics MNT, and more. A mid-thirties Latine, in non-pandemic times you could find her cosplaying as America Chavez and buying old Generation X comics at conventions. Currently, you can hear them on Untitled Tallgeese Podcast discussing Gundam Wing and the history of fandom on the Internet.


Check out Kat’s work – Untitled Tallgeese Podcast on Anchor FM and Tumblr, and Women Write About Comics. Find Kat on their website, or on Twitter and Instagram at @dogunderwater.


A License to Write
Day 1 - 12:30, Track A

Set Layout