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Kae King

Kae King is an Ivorian-born first generation Nigerian American Poet, activist and future novelist. Growing up all over the United States, few things were constant for her except for God, family and a great book. In her journey with literature, poetry, and visual storytelling, she realized from a very young age that the heroes of her favorite books never looked like her. Now as an adult, inspired and heartbroken by issues of racial injustice, she wants to write stories that are centered around Black characters, Black experiences, Black beauty, pain, joy, victory, and love and to immerse her readers into their worlds one word at a time. She wrote and performed in the LALIFF Best directed live short, In Case I’m Next, and wrote an upcoming short for Brons studios, Black Girl Magic.


Find Kae on her website, or on Twitter, Instagram, and Clubhouse at @thekaeking.



Em-Dash: The Game Show for Writers – GAME 2
Day 3 - 20:10, Track A, Track B

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