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Jordan Ifueko

Jordan Ifueko is the NYT Bestselling Author of the RAYBEARER series. She’s a Nebula Award, Ignyte Award, Audie Award, and Hugo Lodestar finalist, and she’s been featured in People Magazine, NPR Best Books, NPR Pop Culture Hour, & ALA Top Ten. She writes about magic Black girls who aren’t magic all the time, because honestly, they deserve a vacation. Ifueko lives in Los Angeles with her husband David & their 3-legged trustafarian dog Reginald Ovahcomah.

Follow Jordan on Instagram & Tiktok @jordanifueko.


Check out Jordan’s newest novel, REDEMPTOR, the sequel to her NYT Bestselling YA fantasy RAYBEARER. Find Jordan on her website, or on Instagram and TikTok at @jordanifueko.




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