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Jade Brieanne

Jade Brieanne is an editor, award winning fanfic writer, and author of speculative fiction supernatural rollercoasters The Halo of Amaris and A Third of The Moon and The Stars Struck.

Jade lives in Durham, North Carolina, but spends most of her time mentally between Korriban and Gusu Lan. She is the oldest of four and inherited her love of science fiction and fantasy from her mother. When she isn’t reading, editing, or writing (professionally), you can find Jade immersed in fanfiction, watching copious amounts of Asian dramas, perfecting her shower-singing voice to the tunes of SHINee and Beyonce, or dreaming about world domination with the Red Blade Master.

You can find Jade on Twitter–be prepared, it’s a wild ride–at @iamjadebrieanne, or on Facebook or Instagram. You can also visit her website at



Em-Dash: The Game Show for Writers – GAME 2
Day 3 - 20:10, Track A, Track B

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