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Idris Grey

Idris Grey (they/she) is a writer, an experienced authenticity/sensitivity reader, and a book reviewer for Publishers Weekly. They’ve been posting stories on Wattpad since 2013 and have accumulated over 200,000 reads on the platform. They won the LGBT+ Watty Award in 2015 for their F/F romance Girls Chase Girls, and were longlisted for their F/M romance The Fashion of Love in 2018. They’ve been an authenticity/sensitivity reader since 2017, a professional book reviewer since 2018, and a Wattpad Star since 2019. They were a finalist in Harlequin’s Romance Includes You Mentorship Contest in 2019 before they signed with literary agent Claire Friedman from Inkwell Management in 2020. They’ve written for the Lure, Radish, and Stori fiction apps, among others. They’re currently pursuing traditional and non-traditional publication.


Check out Idris’s work: Cherry Bites – Black queer vampire serial; Fear Her – Black queer cult murder mystery; Legally Black – Black queer riff on Legally Blonde. Find Idris on their Carrd, and on Instagram, Radish, and Wattpad at @idrisgrey and on Twitter at @TheGreyIdris.


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