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Felicia Martinez

Felicia Martinez is a Latinx writer and professor living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her academic interests in the relationships between conceptions of personhood and narrative experimentation carry over to her love of crafting non-traditional story structures and points of view in fiction and poetry. She has a particular love of horror, but especially stories that erode the bounds of reality and dwell in the visceral textures of awe. Somehow, no matter what else she is writing, horror seems to find its way into her stories. She is also passionate about representing neurodiverse characters and draws upon her own experiences as she experiments with prose styles and structures. She also spends a good deal of time leading seminar discussions with her curious undergrads, but whenever she can, she writes under the watchful eye of a cat named Bat. Her poetry and fiction have appeared or are forthcoming in Lovecraftian Micro Fiction Vol 6, Space & Time, Star*Line, and Mermaids Monthly. Find her on Twitter as @feliciafm.




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