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Fadi Zaghmout

Fadi Zaghmout is a gender activist, blogger, and author. Fadi holds an MA in Creative Writing and Critical Thinking from Sussex University in the UK. He has 4 published novels. His work got translated to English and French. He blogs at and tweets as @fadizaghmout


Check out Fadi’s work: Heaven on Earth
“The year: sometime in the 2090s. The location: Jordan. Aging is reversible thanks to major advances in bioscience and nanotechnology. But in a world where eternal youth has become a reality, complications arise. Journalist Janna Abdallah is at the forefront of these changes: her brother Jamal contributed to many of the medical advances that have brought such profound changes to humanity over the past few decades, yet he has chosen to forego age suppression in order to experience a natural death.”

Find Fadi on his website, and on Twitter and Instagram at @fadizaghmout.



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