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Dilman Dila

Dilman Dila is a writer, filmmaker, and all round artist who lives in his home country, Uganda. He is the author of a critically acclaimed collection of short stories, A Killing in the Sun. His two recent novellas are The Future God of Love and A Fledgling Abiba. He has been shortlisted for the BSFA Awards (2021) and for the Nommo Awards for Best Novella (2021), among many accolades. His short fiction have appeared in many anthologies, including the Apex Book of World SF 4. His films include the masterpiece What Happened in Room 13 (2007) and The Felistas Fable (2013), which was nominated for Best First Feature by a Director at AMAA (2014). You can find his sci-fi short films on and more about him on his website


Find Dilman on his website, or on Twitter at @dilmandila and on YouTube and Patreon at @dilstories.




The C Word: Climate Change in SFF
Day 2 - 04:00 BonFIYAH, Track A
Occultism and Esoterica for Writers
Day 2 - 00:00 BonFIYAH, Track A

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