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Daphne Lee

Daphne Lee is the consulting editor at Scholastic Asia, a division of Scholastic Press, where she champions the creation of Asian content by Asians. To this end, she helped develop and is an advisor to the ongoing Scholastic Asian Book Award and Scholastic Picture Book Award, which have their home at the annual Asian Festival of Children’s Content in Singapore.

Daphne is also a writer with a particular interest in Asian folklore.

She is the author of Bright Landscapes: A Short Story Collection (Laras 99); and the curator and editor of Malaysian Tales: Retold & Remixed (ZI Publications) and Remang: An Anthology of Ghostly Tales (Terrer Books).

Daphne is currently working on her second collection of short stories; a non-fiction exploration of the pontianak and other South-east Asian female spirits; and her first novel, which is inspired by Daoist mythology and ancestral worship.

Because Daphne believes that folklore should be easily and freely accessible to everyone, she is working hard to set up an online archive of Malaysian folklore and welcomes anyone who would like to be involved in this project.

When she’s not reading, watching Hong Sangsoo films or listening to music, Daphne likes to make miniatures for her dollhouses.

You can contact her at


The ebook of Daphne’s short story collection, ‘Bright Landscapes’, has just been released. You can get it for USD4. Just use this link with a note telling Daphne where to send the book. Find Daphne on her website, or on Twitter at @daphneleeml and on Instagram at @daphneleemeilin, @asianlitforeveryone, and @miniaturetherapy.



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