Welcome to FIYAHCON 2021

Cassie Hart

Cassie Hart (aka J.C. Hart and Nova Blake) is a Māori (Kāi Tahu, Makaawhio) speculative fiction writer who enjoys delving into human nature in all its beauty and disarray. Her traditional debut BUTCHERBIRD was released from HUIA in August 2021.

She lives with her husband, three daughters, and assortment of animals in beautiful Aotearoa.


Check out Cassie’s traditional debut, Butcherbird! Cassie’s next project, Death in the Mouth, is a horror anthology open exclusively to writers and artists around the world who are BIPOC, part of the Global South, ethnic minorities, or from culturally marginalized groups. Find it on Kickstarter.

Find Cassie on her website, or on Twitter at @JCHart and on Instagram at @just.cassie.hart.


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