Welcome to FIYAHCON 2021

Bendi Barrett

Bendi Barrett (he/him) is a speculative fiction writer, game maker, and self-described “scruffy weirdo” living in Chicago. His work often focuses on the expanse that is queer male desire and its environs, but sometimes he just wants to write a kick-ass adventure.

He’s published two interactive novels with Choice of Games: Avatar of the Wolf (2017) and Fate of the Storm Gods (2021). Under the pseudonym Benji Bright he’s published gay erotic fiction works including several fairly filthy zines and an ongoing patreon. His older brother once called him a “slick pig” and he’s still dining out on that one.

On twitter, @bendied.

His novella EMPIRE OF THE FEAST is out in 2022 via Neon Hemlock Press.


Bendi’s most recent interactive fiction piece is Fate of the Storm Gods and it’s available now through Choice of Games. Find Bendi on his website, or Twitter at @bendied and at @benji_bright.



Knocking Boots
Day 2 - 10:30, Track B

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