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Worldbuilding: Political Systems

Worldbuilding can be fun, but full of pitfalls when done carelessly especially in secondary worlds. Politics are embedded in every aspect of our lives so how does one go about crafting such political systems in their fiction? What considerations have to be made? Does creating an interesting world mean sometimes losing accuracy? These authors discuss how they build politics into their worlds and what advice they have for authors approaching a similar endeavor.


Roseanne A. Brown
Day 1 - 10:10, Track A
C. L. Polk
Day 1 - 10:10, Track A
K.S. Villoso
Day 1 - 10:10, Track A
George Jreije
Day 1 - 10:10, Track A
Aurelius Raines II
Day 1 - 10:10, Track A


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