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Who Are Book Reviews for, Anyway?

This panel will discuss how to write meaningful long-form reviews, as well as the business of being a reviewer. We will go over how to orient reviews towards audiences that aren’t traditionally reached by the publishing industry and engage new readers, plus how to establish and maintain relationships with publishers. This panel will cover how to navigate author relationships, the pros and cons of book culture on social media, and the culture around being a critic. Additionally, we’ll chat about how reviewing ties into the larger conversation around publishing biases — what authors get print galleys and who receives them? How does that effect readers and consumers who aren’t involved in online spaces? What is the difference between a negative review and a critique, and does that help or hurt authors of color? And who are book reviews for, anyway?


Alex Brown
Day 3 - 11:20, Track B
Christina Orlando
Day 3 - 11:20, Track B
Bezi Yohannes
Day 3 - 11:20, Track B
Sean Dowie
Day 3 - 11:20, Track B
Akilah White
Day 3 - 11:20, Track B


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