Welcome to FIYAHCON 2021

Time Management: Balancing Multiple Projects as a Creator

Today’s modern creative industry almost has multitasking built into it as a pre-requisitie. These creatives discuss how they juggle multiple projects, what do they do to make sure rest is part of the equation and what lessons they’ve learned along the way about structuring how their time is best spent. Our panelists come from multiple media formats so there’s sure to be something for everyone.


Justin C. Key
Day 2 - 19:40, Track A
Mike Chen
Day 2 - 19:40, Track A
Jenee Darden
Day 2 - 19:40, Track A
Marika Bailey
Day 2 - 19:40, Track A
N.E. Davenport
Day 2 - 19:40, Track A


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