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Rabblerousers & Sellouts: Intermediate Classes in Speculative Worlds

Agnes Gomillion’s The Record Keeper, C.L. Clark’s The Unbroken, and Kacen Callender’s Queen of the Conquered all feature intermediate class characters from colonized areas who are tasked to use their authority to repress the rebellion of their peers. Over the course of the story, these characters grapple with their ideals and if aligning with the colonizers or the colonized is more in their self interest. We’ll discuss maintaining reader interest in characters who commit immoral acts, the unique storytelling opportunities these characters provide, and its relevance to the world today.


Andrea Stewart
Day 3 - 16:40, Track A
Destiny Soria
Day 3 - 16:40, Track A
Tasha Suri
Day 3 - 16:40, Track A
Tanaz Bhathena
Day 3 - 16:40, Track A
Chloe (Thistle & Verse)
Day 3 - 16:40, Track A
C.L. Clark
Day 3 - 16:40, Track A


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