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Non-Western Gothic

How do authors writing in non western traditions subvert the tenants of a genre that has cast them as the villains to explore their own stories of fear, dread, mystery and corruption? Who becomes the “other” or “doppelganger” in a story written by the feared “doppelgangers” themselves? This panel will explore how BIPOC writers have redefined Gothic literature and centered themselves in a genre is deeply grounded in the concept of white supremacy.


Ife Nihinlola
Day 3 - 10:10, Track B
Tobi Ogundiran
Day 3 - 10:10, Track B
Rin Chupeco
Day 3 - 10:10, Track B
Lauren Blackwood
Day 3 - 10:10, Track B
Alexis Henderson
Day 3 - 10:10, Track B
Suzan Palumbo
Day 3 - 10:10, Track B


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