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Homegoings: Death Isn’t Always Mourning

In 2018, BookRiot argued that grief in kidlit falls in four main schools: either the Rowling, Riordan, Lewis or Tolkien model. However, grief and mourning within Communities of Colour focus on homegoming and celebrating life. These Kidlit authors discuss loss and grief from the eyes of young folk, and how to better serve them in narratives that center death. And maybe, they’ll give us a new canon through which to process youth grief.


Shingai Njeri Kagunda
Day 3 - 19:00, Track B
Tara Sim
Day 3 - 19:00, Track B
Kalynn Bayron
Day 3 - 19:00, Track B
Shakirah Bourne
Day 3 - 19:00, Track B
Ayana Gray
Day 3 - 19:00, Track B
Hugh “H.D.” Hunter
Day 3 - 19:00, Track B


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