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Excavation: Colonialism and Horror

Inspired by Shiv Ramdas’ 2020 Essay “Supernatural or Super Unnatural – An Examination of Postcolonial Horror,” authors from formerly occupied territories examine the ways in which colonization and implications of a post-colonial heritage act as lynchpins of horror, consequently bringing into sharp relief “the difference between the literature of the colonizer and the colonized.”


Uche Ogbuji
Day 1 - 11:20, Track B
Trang Thanh Tran
Day 1 - 11:20, Track B
Felicia Martinez
Day 1 - 11:20, Track B
Nibedita Sen
Day 1 - 11:20, Track B
Zin E. Rocklyn
Day 1 - 11:20, Track B


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