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An Epic Reckoning: Black Queerness in Epic Fantasy

Representations of Blackness in genre fiction have been a topic the publishing industry has had to confront again and again, but epic fantasy seems to have mostly avoided very necessary critiques. Especially when the intersections of Blackness are considered. But as more books are released with Black authors, is an inevitable reckoning on the horizon? These authors discuss that and also what they hope to bring to the genre.


C. L. Polk
Day 2 - 11:40, Track A
Eboni J. Dunbar
Day 2 - 11:40, Track A
Christopher Caldwell
Day 2 - 11:40, Track A
Jesse Morales-Small
Day 2 - 11:40, Track A
C.L. Clark
Day 2 - 11:40, Track A


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