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A New (Gilded) Age: Jazz Age Fantasy for the Historically Marginalised

The Gilded Age: An era of freedom, change and speakeasies. But where are all the BIPOC? The resurgence of Jazz Age fantasy begs the question of why now and why us? From secondary worlds where the Jazz Age is a backdrop for vibrant worlds where memories, love and new beginnings take the stage to godpunk sagas of revenge, feminism, freedom and political movements, these writers examine how we center BIPOC living it up and living their everyday lives.


Alex Brown
Day 3 - 19:00, Track A
Premee Mohamed
Day 3 - 19:00, Track A
Leslye Penelope
Day 3 - 19:00, Track A
Chloe Gong
Day 3 - 19:00, Track A
Anna-Marie McLemore
Day 3 - 19:00, Track A


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