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Verses and Visions of the Otherworldly: A Speculative Poetry Panel

Poetry makes the mundane fabulous; how, then, does it transform the fabulous? How do you know when your speculative subject matter is best conveyed in the form of a poem? When should grief be brought to numbers, and when do you choose free verse? How much worldbuilding is too much and how does the form […]

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Tell Me Another One: Retelling White Stories for Your Context

For as long as humans exist, stories will get retold. But what stories get retold? Who gets to retell them and why? And how does it serve these authors of color and their audiences when they take stories from dominantly white cultures and reskin, re-situate, re-contextualize them?

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It’s Still Colonialism When It Happens to Elves

Do you think Tolkien realized the racist implications of the inter-cultural dynamics of Middle Earth? Does it make you shudder when there is no gravitas to a body count, even when it’s “just” elves and dwarves offing each other? Are you tired of “evil” and “primitive” races being coded as people of color? Well, so […]

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The Future of Food

From nondescript protein slush to lavish 3D-printed meals, the way our characters eat establishes both their personalities and the worlds around them. Join our panelists as they discuss some of their favorite fictional foods, cutting-edge culinary technology, innovations they’ve incorporated into their writing, and more!

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The C Word: Climate Change in SFF

Fiction dealing with climate change has always been popular, but as the most pressing issue of our times evolves, our vision of how climate change affects or threatens us has also changed. Join our panelists as they discuss climate change in real life and in fiction: the scenarios we’ve examined or discarded, the dangers we […]

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Time is an Illusion: Alternatives to the Gregorian Calendar

Although the Gregorian calendar has become the accepted standard in international communication, many cultures still use their traditional calendars, and inventing your own can be a great way to flesh out the world of your story. Our authors discuss the calendars they live by and how they tell time in fiction.

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Monsters

From Dracula to Mothman, every monster has their own appeal! This panel unpacks the metaphors bundled into the concept of monstrosity and shows us why we love monsters so much if they were meant to be hated—and maybe even discusses for us what is well and truly monstrous if not the monsters.

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We’re Here, Too: Reviewing Books from the Global South

Whether your box gets helds up in customs or a publisher won’t ship to your country or a DRM ebook isn’t available in your region, reviewing books can be a real pain when you live in the Global South. Meanwhile, writers from the Global South also face difficulty getting their books reviewed! A selection of […]

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