Day 3

The Chosen One

You know their names (and their stories) now it’s time to dissect what makes them “special?” Together, these writers dissect the archetype of “the chosen one,” {ancient} prophecies, the hero’s journey and how to make space for characters who “aren’t like the others.”

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Rabblerousers & Sellouts: Intermediate Classes in Speculative Worlds

Agnes Gomillion’s The Record Keeper, C.L. Clark’s The Unbroken, and Kacen Callender’s Queen of the Conquered all feature intermediate class characters from colonized areas who are tasked to use their authority to repress the rebellion of their peers. Over the course of the story, these characters grapple with their ideals and if aligning with the […]

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[Re]writing for the Screen

Ever dreamed of having your story adapted? How do you convince Hollywood to call you? How well will your story translate on-screen? Industry practitioners and authors come together to discuss these questions and more.

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Law in SFF, and Why It Matters

An exploration of legal systems in speculative fiction with subject matter experts and authors, to examine the choices and consequences behind legal systems, and provide the tools for making conscious choices in legal worldbuilding.

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Rated R: The Nexus of Body Horror and Medical Racism

America and Science Fiction have a history of medical racism and eugenicist rhetoric that dovetail to fuel BIPOC nightmares. This panel reckons with body horror, both in real hospitals and fictional laboratories, to help us understand the ramifications and future of our bodies as autonomous. Or not?

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Consciousness and Capitalism

Often times, publishing creates futures that include EITHER computers/AI or marginalized people. In the present day, we battle algorithms that either erase us or target us. But what do the worlds that WE imagine do to confront technology and our own humanity?

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Who Are Book Reviews for, Anyway?

This panel will discuss how to write meaningful long-form reviews, as well as the business of being a reviewer. We will go over how to orient reviews towards audiences that aren’t traditionally reached by the publishing industry and engage new readers, plus how to establish and maintain relationships with publishers. This panel will cover how […]

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They Came in Great Ships/First Colonization

First Contact Stories from a dominant perspective are often underpinned by “othering” and colonialist ideals as thinly-veiled representations of a human culture foreign to the author. But what do first contact stories look like when the historically “othered” contol the narrative? Together these authors flip the script and parse visions of first contact.

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