Day 2

Awards in SFF: A Failed or Flawed System?

Awards in SFF have been nothing short of disappointing for a while now. Between insensitive hosts, botched names, adherence to white cultural norms and a purely Western focus it’s hard to see the value in them. But is there value? Can it be fixed? And what might those solutions look like?

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Strategies on Publicizing Your Book

A book is a baby you need to present to the world that is already filled will milions of babies. How do you find your readers? Let’s talk about Kickstarters, PR firms, paid and free strategies you can use to publicize your books.

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Different Ways of Publishing

Traditional publishing is often seen as the most common way of publishing, but over time, there are other methods: self-publishing, serial publishing, hybrid publishing, etc. This panel will explore different methods of publishing because sometimes getting an agent or traditional publisher may not be possible if the book is considered “too niche” or “unmarketable”.

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An Epic Reckoning: Black Queerness in Epic Fantasy

Representations of Blackness in genre fiction have been a topic the publishing industry has had to confront again and again, but epic fantasy seems to have mostly avoided very necessary critiques. Especially when the intersections of Blackness are considered. But as more books are released with Black authors, is an inevitable reckoning on the horizon? […]

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Knocking Boots

An examination of queer desire in genre fiction, when and how it’s allowed to happen, how it’s depicted, why do we yearn and why do we f*ck, etc?

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Give Us Back Our Gods

Drawing on Ibi Zoboi’s 2016 essay “Give Us Back Our Fucking Gods,” these panelists examine the emerging godpunk canon, tackling questions such as: “What does this reclamation look like? How does godpunk it look like in a genre obsessed with “white men and their fucking gods?” and importantly, what does it look like for marginalised […]

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The 2021 Ignyte Award Ceremony

Ignyte Awards 2021 logo

The Ignyte Awards are back! We’re celebrating our second year honoring those works and creators making strides in storytelling, inclusivity, and community work. Join us at 4pm ET (GMT-4) to cheer on our finalists and find out who won. This year’s ceremony takes place on September 18th during FIYAHCON 2021 and will be hosted by […]

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