Day 2

Time is an Illusion: Alternatives to the Gregorian Calendar

Although the Gregorian calendar has become the accepted standard in international communication, many cultures still use their traditional calendars, and inventing your own can be a great way to flesh out the world of your story. Our authors discuss the calendars they live by and how they tell time in fiction.

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Monsters

From Dracula to Mothman, every monster has their own appeal! This panel unpacks the metaphors bundled into the concept of monstrosity and shows us why we love monsters so much if they were meant to be hated—and maybe even discusses for us what is well and truly monstrous if not the monsters.

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We’re Here, Too: Reviewing Books from the Global South

Whether your box gets helds up in customs or a publisher won’t ship to your country or a DRM ebook isn’t available in your region, reviewing books can be a real pain when you live in the Global South. Meanwhile, writers from the Global South also face difficulty getting their books reviewed! A selection of […]

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Occultism and Esoterica for Writers

Speculative fiction writers deal with the magical all the time when we make our own systems and worlds. But when it comes to using real-world magical practices—from the tarot to Vodoun to agimat crafting and beyond—few actually understand how they work, leading to embarrassing mistakes in fiction. This panel of authors will discuss real-world magic […]

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Time Management: Balancing Multiple Projects as a Creator

Today’s modern creative industry almost has multitasking built into it as a pre-requisitie. These creatives discuss how they juggle multiple projects, what do they do to make sure rest is part of the equation and what lessons they’ve learned along the way about structuring how their time is best spent. Our panelists come from multiple […]

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Fan Service

In spite of what some may say, many professional writers came up in fandom and wrote fanfiction– and some still do to this day. What skills have they taken from this experience? In what ways do fanfiction and original work differ from one another? Is working on licensed work just like writing fic?

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Librarian-ing While Black

In this panel, we will discuss the ways in which the Black librarian experience mirrors the experience of publishing Black YA SFF/H in a majority white publishing industry. This conversation will look to examine the ways in which both breach the traditional cannon by infiltrating a space that was not traditionally designed for them and […]

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Folklore as Liberation and Empowerment

Folklore is a system of practices, arts, and beliefs among a community. Historically, folklore has had a powerful role in preserving cultural identity in the face of imperialism, colonialism, and oppression. With that in mind, this panel will consider questions like: what’s the role of folklore as resistance in decolonial myth-building, and how do writers […]

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Tales to Keep: Story Collections and How to Decide a Selection

Story collections are often a great glimpse into an author’s or magazine’s brand of storytelling. But how do editor’s decide what stories to put into a collection? Is there a ratio between previously published and new works? How much of a role do publishers play in the story selection? These industry professionals discuss their own […]

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