Day 1

The Future of Food

From nondescript protein slush to lavish 3D-printed meals, the way our characters eat establishes both their personalities and the worlds around them. Join our panelists as they discuss some of their favorite fictional foods, cutting-edge culinary technology, innovations they’ve incorporated into their writing, and more!

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Decolonizing Narrative Structures

The hero’s journey isn’t as universal as Campbell claimed, but kishōtenketsu isn’t the be-all-end-all of non-Western narrative structures either. Tune in to our knowledgeable panelists discussing a few of them.

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Worldbuilding: Political Systems

Worldbuilding can be fun, but full of pitfalls when done carelessly especially in secondary worlds. Politics are embedded in every aspect of our lives so how does one go about crafting such political systems in their fiction? What considerations have to be made? Does creating an interesting world mean sometimes losing accuracy? These authors discuss […]

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Southern Inhospitality

Traditional Southern Gothic evokes settings of decayed grandeur, the grotesque in physical form and in character actions, ingenue fragility, and othering people. Modern Southern Gothic, as interpreted by our panelists, embraces horror and Black-American folk magic traditions while presenting us with diverse experiences of Southern Gothic.

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