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FIYAHCON is staffed by a diverse team of people passionate about speculative literature and the community that sustains it. We are writers, readers, editors, reviewers, fans, critics, and more, and who believe in FIYAHCON’s mission of amplifying the contributions of BIPOC in the realms of the fantastic. We look forward every year to celebrating and serving this community.


LD Lewis

L. D. Lewis (she.her)

L. D. Lewis is an award-winning SF/F writer and editor, and serves as a founding creator, Art Director, and Project Manager for the World Fantasy Award-winning and Hugo Award-nominated FIYAH Literary Magazine. She also serves as Grant Administrator for the Speculative Literature Foundation, a researcher for the LeVar Burton Reads podcast and Awards Manager for Lambda Literary.

She is the author of A Ruin of Shadows (Dancing Star Press, 2018) and her published short fiction includes appearances in FIYAH, PodCastle, Strange Horizons, Anathema: Spec from the Margins, and Fireside Magazine, among others. She lives in Georgia with her coffee habit and an impressive Funko Pop! collection. Visit her website and follow her on Twitter @ellethevillain.


Brent Lambert
Senior Programming Coordinator

Brent Lambert (he.him)

Brent Lambert is a science fiction and fantasy author dedicated to the cause of uplifting Black and Black Queer voices in both his personal and community work. Currently based out of San Diego, he gets to enjoy sunshine for more than half the year. He’s helped run FIYAH Literary Magazine’s social media since it’s founding and is currently working with The Story Engine Deck in the same capacity. Always working, he’s determined to allow Black Queer men to be the stars of their own stories. He has stories published in FIYAH, Anathema, Cotton Xenomorph and Beneath Ceaseless Skies (upcoming). 2022 will see the debut of his first novella from Neon Hemlock, A NECESSARY CHAOS. He can be found on Twitter @brentclambert

Iori Kusano
BonFiyah Co-Director

Iori Kusano (they.she)

Iori Kusano is an Asian American writer and Extremely Ordinary Office Gremlin living in Tokyo. They are a graduate of Clarion West 2017 and their fiction has previously appeared in Apex Magazine. Find them on Twitter @IoriKusano, or at

Vida Cruz
BonFiyah Co-Director

Vida Cruz (she.her)

Vida Cruz is a Filipina fantasy and science fiction writer, editor, artist, and tarot reader. Her short fiction has been published or is forthcoming from Strange Horizons, PodCastle, Expanded Horizons, and various anthologies. She is a 2014 Clarion Sand Diego graduate, a 2018 Tiptree Fellow, and in 2019, she published her first fantasy short story collection, Beyond the Line of Trees. Currently, she’s a freelance book editor with The Darling Axe. She lives in Manila with her family and 10 memeable dogs. Find her on Twitter as @laviecestmoi. Her website is

Suzan Palumbo
Ignyte Finalist Liaison

Suzan Palumbo (she.her)

Originally from Trindad and Tobago, Suzan is a teacher and writer based in Ontario, Canada. She’s loved Gothic Horror for as long as she can remember and can be found wandering her local woods when she isn’t writing. Find her bibliography on her website and find her on twitter @sillysyntax

LP Kindred
Critics Liaison

LP Kindred (he.him)

LP Kindred is a Fiction Writer who speculates, from the intersections of Black and Gay Identities, about the nature of belonging. He’s prone to daydreams and food delivery. Kindred is a cocoa-founder of @Voodoonauts, a grassroots empowerment and education movement for Black Speculative Writers. He is an alum of workshops by the Hurston-Wright, Voices or Our Nation, and Clarion Foundations. His fiction appears in FIYAH Literary Magazine, LeVar Burton Reads, Speculative City, and Prismatica Magazine. He socials @LPKindred in that BirdApp, daGram, and daBook.

Jen Brown
Office Hours Coordinator

Jen Brown (she.her)

Jen Brown is a Black, queer SFF writer & librarian. An Ignyte Award finalist, she has works published or forthcoming in FIYAH,, and Anathema: Spec from the Margins. Find her @jeninthelib on Twitter, or read more about her work at

Coral Moore
Tech Team
credit: Loriana Marie Photogrpahy

Coral Alejandra Moore (she.her)

Coral is a writer, a genetics nerd, and the co-editor and co-publisher of Constelación Magazine. She believes the best thing in life is a well-made cup of coffee. Coral lives near Seattle with a dangerously smart Catahoula Leopard Dog, a small flock of chickens, and the love of her life. Visit her on Twitter  or on her website.

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