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Welcome Party Title

We’re calling it The Welcome Party; a segment of FIYAHCON designed to “welcome” new and emerging venues just starting out with an eye toward publishing underrepresented voices. The goal is to foster community between these new folks and the incredible minds behind some of the most important spaces in short SFF publishing to date who have volunteered to act as mentors. We’ll be providing them space to ask questions and start out with some best practices as they find their footing. FIYAH started in 2016 with some great friends at our disposal, and we believe this was integral to our continued success.

If you’re new to this space (started your venue sometime in/after 2018 or will be launching it this year), we’d love to extend you an invitation to FIYAHCON’s social spaces. Send our Director an email at director(at)theconvention.fiyahlitmag.com and tell us a bit about your zine/podcast/what-have-you. We’ll get you set up.