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Announcing FIYAHCON’s 2021 Donation Recipients

Guests (panelists, GOHs, office hours hosts) as well as staff members are comped at FIYAHCON, meaning that their attendance at the convention is free. They are provided options for refunds in the event that they’ve purchased tickets before being added formally to programming or to the team. Options last year included receiving their ticket refund, […]

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FIYAHCON is now on Airmeet

fiyahcon 2021 + airmeet

FIYAHCON 2021 is happening on the Airmeet platform! Last year was great with our cobbled-together System of Stuff, but we’re excited for a more streamlined, comprehensive experience that also allows us to do a few additional, neat things with the event.   Some fun perks: More interactive panels -The audience now has the ability to […]

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A Statement on Gaza and our Solidarity with the Palestinian People

"Free Palestine" next to the digital FIYAH fist

The Team at FIYAHCON stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine in their ongoing struggle for freedom and self-determination against the perpetually escalating violence of colonialism. In the same way we supported the National Bail Fund Network in 2020, this year’s event will seek to distribute charitable funds to Palestinian community organizations and mutual […]

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