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Meet the 2021 Guests of Honor!

Guests of Honor Vita Ayala, Njeri, and Malka Older

Speculative fiction exists as an ecosystem that extends to far more than just prose writers. We rely on poets, illustrators, visual storytellers, reviewers, and academics to deepen our understanding of our favorite fictional worlds and the relationships we develop with our favorite (and not-so-favorite) characters. We are thrilled to have representatives from prose, criticism, and […]

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Ignyte Announcements: Your Host, Your Trophies, All of That

The first ever Ignyte Awards are around the corner and the last pieces are sliding into place. The awards ceremony will be hosted on the FIYAHCON “Lawn”, the area of our virtual “convention center” open to the public with free access for all. Other Lawn events include the convention Opening and Closing Ceremonies. And now […]

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Ignyte Interview Series: Malon Edwards

The Ignyte Ember Award celebrates the unsung contributions of people in the speculative fiction community. Nominated in this year’s Ignytes, Malon Edwards has served the community as a writer, editor, and grant administrator for the Speculative Literature Foundation for years, getting sometimes much-needed funds to marginalized writers to help them pursue their projects. We are […]

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The 2020 Ignyte Awards Ballot

The FIYAHCON 2020 Committee is thrilled to announce the finalists for the inaugural Ignyte Awards. The Awards seek to celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of the current and future landscapes of science fiction, fantasy, and horror by recognizing incredible feats in storytelling and outstanding efforts toward inclusivity of the genre. To that effect, the committee […]

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